Our Customers in the Media

Below, you will find real results from real campaigns. And, we have hundreds of these to show. Contact us now to get started.

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    Featured Outlets

    A dozen of the top outlets that we’ve placed our clients in over the past 5 years.

    Featured Customers

    Some of the hundreds of startups that have partnered with Green Glue.

    Our Process

    We have a tried and proven process that we have perfected over the past 5 years.

    Customer Onboarding

    We do a deep dive into your brand, and thanks to the key relationships we've cultivated determine which outlets are best for your goals.

    Content Creation

    Our expert writers create the angles and articles that ultimately get placed. This is a key differentiator in how we approach public relations.

    Press Outreach

    Based on your goals and our relationships, we connect with the right journalists and contributors to get your story placed on each outlet.

    Press Placement

    We're so confident in our pitching abilities, and our approach, that we provide performance based press, which makes us perform before you pay.

    Competitive Advantage

    Our Contributor Relationships

    We have a 24-7, global, non-stop network of journalists and contributors that becomes our competitive advantage. Rather than send out blast cold emails to journalists and contributors, we work directly to pitch and share angles with contributors we’ve had relationships with for the past 5 years. This is why we are so confident in providing performance-based PR.


    Are You Crazy?

    Why Pay-Per-Placements?

    PR has a TON of uncontrollable variables; from editorial guidelines, calendars and column restrictions, to contributor delays and outlet turnover. Like any smart business owner, we’d MUCH prefer retainers because it guarantees US money every month, but doesn’t necessarily provide YOU the value you seek. We’re SO CONFIDENT in our relationships and PR ability that we’re willing to bear the risk and burden of doing the upfront work though. And, we believe that the most beneficial way to show you that value is to offer pay-per-placement press.

    Green Glue was clutch during our coin offering. They secured us tons of press at all types of outlets including Forbes, Entrepreneur and Yahoo News, which were all on the top of our list.

    Ounie Phakosounh, Co-founder, FluffAR

    Don’t let Green Glue’s fun branding and relaxed style fool you. They mean business and get things done. They secured us countless placements across all media outlets including The Street, Forbes, Yahoo Finance, and Investing, ALL of which were on the top of our list. Highly recommended agency.

    Sasha Ivanov, Founder Waves Platform & Vostok Project

    A Few Words From Our Favorite People

    So Many Happy Customers!

    Captive App

    Jess, Dani and the dudes at Green Glue deliver. They consistently get us press where others fall drastically short.


    We've never worked with a team like Green Glue. They just deliver on what they say.

    Trade Stops

    Best PR firm around. Hands down, bar none!


    If you want consistent, high-level press, you need to work with Green Glue. It's that simple.


    We are always skeptical of agencies, BUT Green Glue's performance based PR hedges the risk. They only get paid when they deliver, SO, we literally had nothing to lose.

    Global Tech Makers

    They have the relationships. They write the articles. They control the angles as much as possible. Green Glue is awesome!

    Get Started Today

    Choose from one of the packages below or call us directly to get more pricing and outlet info. We have a million different ways to work with you, and are even open to discounting the onboarding fee to get started.

    • Pay-Per-Placement

    • $Inquire/mo
      • +$1500 onboarding fee (ask about waiving)
      • Tier A & B Outlets
      • Article Creation
      • Published Link
      • Guaranteed Placement
      • Pay When Placed

    • Agency White Label

    • $Inquire/mo
      • Your key agency partner
      • Client Management Board
      • Write All Articles
      • Published Link Reports
      • Guaranteed Placement
      • Only Pay When We Place