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We’d be nothing without our customers! They’re our only reason for waking up each day. Lucky for us – they’re thrilled about us too! Learn how they’re using Green Glue to generate game-changing PR results.

ShipBob is a tech-enabled fulfillment service that was launched in September 2014. ShipBob allows businesses to sell products on their own websites where they can have full control over their customers’ experiences, or via other online marketplaces.

ShipBob is an amazing company with an awesome leadership team. And, they understand the value of press. At various times of their business life cycle, we’ve helped promote and share their intended message by securing them press on a number of high-media outlets including Forbes, VentureBeat, Inc., WSJ, Business Insider, CNBC, and dozens of others.

  1. 5 Trends That Will Redefine Retail In 2019

    “What happens if customers don’t have to compromise on their buying experience because they get the exact same delivery experience (if not better) on their favorite brand’s website?” asks Dhruv Saxena, CEO of logistics innovator ShipBob. “This is the version of the world which excites us; the power of any individual anywhere to create a brand they are passionate about, to be able to serve and treat their customers the way they would want to be treated.”

  2. ShipBob raises $17.5 million to help ecommerce businesses with shipping and logistics

    ShipBob, which helps ecommerce businesses with shipping and logistics, today announced funding of $17.5 million, led by Bain Capital Ventures.

    The Chicago-based startup provides a variety of services and solutions, such as storing a business’ inventory, packaging orders, and shipping them via USPS, UPS, or other regional carriers. “Think of our SaaS product as the control center for e-commerce businesses to run their operations,” wrote ShipBob cofounder and CEO Dhruv Saxena, in an email to VentureBeat.

  3. ShipBob Raises $40 Million to Back E-Commerce Fulfillment Growth

    ShipBob’s software helps the company manage the logistics for orders that come through its clients’ websites and third-party marketplaces, including the Amazon site. ShipBob tracks customer demand and can direct companies when and where to restock inventory so orders can be filled quickly using the cheapest shipping option.

    “Our network is optimized to deliver a great customer experience,” co-founder Dhruv Saxena said. “These companies, which are only a year or two old in many cases, are able to provide a customer experience that…other major retailers struggle with,” he said.

    ShipBob is operating in an increasingly crowded field offering logistics services to meet the demands of digital commerce.

  4. ShipStation Announces Platinum Partnership with ShipBob

    ShipStation, the leading web-based e-commerce shipping solution, today announced its Platinum partnership with ShipBob. ShipBob is a logistics company providing e-commerce fulfillment software and the ability for online retailers to offer two-day shipping to its customers. ShipBob aims to help online merchants of every size compete with the biggest retail brands. ShipBob is now part of ShipStation’s Fulfillment Provider Program as a preferred fulfillment partner for ShipStation users.

  5. How Bethenny Frankel, Ed Mylett, and other successful business titans set themselves apart from the competition

    “When e-commerce companies began offering two-day shipping, they created an expectation among consumers. Not only do consumers get their orders faster, but the guaranteed shipping provides a level of confidence and comfort that is expected today — from all businesses. Think through the entire customer experience. For example, if you’re in e-commerce, analyze your order history and customers’ locations. Then distribute your inventory to reduce shipping costs and decrease the time from the order to their doorstep. We’ve seen businesses increase their average order value by 97 percent by offering two-day shipping — even if their competitors don’t. When you improve the customer experience, you get results.” — Dhruv Saxena, co-founder and CEO of e-commerce fulfillment company ShipBob Inc.

Green Glue is the best PR team we have ever worked with. They consistently provide us secured press and media when we need it.

FluffAR is a reward token protocol built on the blockchain that aims to improve engagement in AR applications by offering incentives to all parties involved in the AR ecosystem.

Simply put, FluffAR was developed to help AR projects to build, engage, and promote their experiences to users more efficiently by rewarding tokens to users who actively engage with these projects.

In preparation for their initial coin offering, the FluffAR team sought a press product that would help them secure media coverage across high-level and industry-specific outlets. After sitting with the team and understanding their goals we have been able to secure them endless press on a number of high-level and blockchain media outlets including Yahoo! News, Forbes, VentureBeat, Inc., BTC Magazine, ChipIn, CNBC, and dozens of others.

  1. Asia is becoming the blockchain capital of the world

    Companies like Fluffar, a startup that mixes blockchain with augmented reality, has the opportunity to thrive in these type of communities. Catching up with the founding team of Fluffar, Ounie, and Da Phakousonh, and Dave and Dennis Lee gave us a unique perspective into how taking their business overseas made more competitive sense. “Doing business in countries that not only push innovation [and blockchain ] but that accept and promote it (versus the U.S.) not only increases our ability to do more faster but enables us a unique competitive advantage,” explained co-founder Da Phakousonh.

    “We have been involved in blockchain and cryptocurrency for a long time, and understand the wide implications. It’s unfortunate that some countries are fighting versus accepting it. Regardless, we’re building a business that is powered by blockchain, and for us, it makes the most sense to do business in communities that are welcoming to our technology,” explained Ounie.

  2. AR Can Directly Benefit Your Business

    In the case of AR (the ability to overlay digital objects onto a surrounding real-life environment through a computer or smart device), and VR (the ability to delve into a completely computer-generated environment), these platforms meet all key customer-engagement strategies.

    Seeing the benefit, Fluffar provides users the ability to earn real money by interacting with oAR experiences, which prompts multi-sensory engagement, provides intellectual experience and establishes an emotional connection to the desired brand.

  3. Earn Incentives & Rewards Through Engaging In Augmented Reality Experiences

    As mentioned in the previous section, FluffAR rewards users (influencers, players, companies, etc.) with tokens for actions that engage with AR experiences—but what tokens do they reward them with?

    There are two main tokens used in the FluffAR ecosystem: Fluffs and Carats.

    Carats are tokens that are used to promote the growth and development of projects and experiences in the AR industry. Developers and designers can build AR apps to claim bounties in Carats while influencers earn Carats through promoting AR projects to their followers or fans.

One of the best marketing decisions we made. The press that Green Glue secured us helped launch our company, generate tons of interest and enabled us to launch a successful coin offering.

Duda is the leading web design platform for companies that offer web design services to small businesses. We serve all types of customers, from freelance web professionals and digital agencies, all the way up to the largest hosting companies and online publishers in the world.

Loaded with powerful team collaboration and client management tools, the Duda platform enables users to build feature-rich, responsive websites at scale. Every Duda website is automatically optimized for lightning-fast loading and great out-of-the-box SEO. Currently, over 14 million sites have been built on the Duda platform.

Duda has been growing and evolving from the onset. From capital raises to new product launches, we’ve helped them catapult their company through secures at all types of media outlets including Forbes, VentureBeat, Inc., TechCrunch, HuffPo and countless of others.

  1. What CMOs Need to Know About WordPress

    “Once it became obvious how important page speed—especially mobile page speed—is to key metrics, we set about completely reconfiguring the way our sites are coded,” explains Amir Glatt, CTO of site building platform Duda. “Duda websites are coded to ensure they closely follow Google’s best practices for load times. This kind of ground-level commitment to page speed can make or break your site performance.”

  2. 7 Impactful Ways to Increase Content Engagement

    There is data proving that mere seconds make a huge difference to them. “Where did Jimmy go?” “Oh, you took too long so he bounced.” Translation, when consumers are forced to wait too long, they move on. So the term “bounce rate,” used to describe the percentage of site visitors that view one page and then bounce (leave), is very à propos. Bounce rates increase 106 percent when load times go from 1 to 6 seconds. Conclusion? Your site must respond quickly. If it doesn’t, you might try switching to a fully optimized website builder, like Duda, that is designed for speed. Duda completely reconfigured the way their websites are coded, conforming closely to Google’s best practices for PageSpeed.

  3. Three Challenges You’ll Face When Creating Multiple Revenue Streams In Your Business

    To add to this, I spoke with fellow entrepreneur Itai Sadan, cofounder and CEO of web design platform Duda, to share his experience as well. “When managing multiple client projects and deadlines, effective and timely communication is crucial in order to keep everyone accountable,” he explains. “This is especially true once you’ve brought on new clients—fall behind with them, and you’ll quickly lose that new source of revenue you just worked so hard to gain.”

    “For example, our web design platform enables you and your clients to add comments directly on a website while it’s being built. This helps keep everyone accountable, up-to-date with the latest tasks and reduces lengthy back and forth communication due to misunderstandings. Whenever accountability and transparency exist—even if it’s just among the members of your team—outcomes improve.”

  4. How (and Why) Collaboration Brings About Stronger, More Creative Web Design

    As Aaron Pitre of Duda, a scale-centric web design company, writes, this collaborative mindset is especially important in an agency setting. Says Pitre, “Collaboration with a client begins the moment you are seriously considering working with them. Get off to a strong start by developing a research plan in which you will collect as much relevant information as possible; it will serve as the template on which you will lay the groundwork for the entire project.”

Jess and the dudes KNOW press. If you need press, use Green Glue.

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